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[August 22nd, 2006]
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!
haven't got internet for a long time..

but now I have..

holidays is so great...
love it.

school will start soon..

so everything is so cool....
best summer ever
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[April 26th, 2006]
my birthday will be tomorrow..
russian exam will be tomorrow.

i gonna kill myself.
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[April 20th, 2006]
hello, guys) how have you been?
i have so little time..
tomorrow i'll take part in swimming competitions..
also next week i'll have 2 very important tests and my birthday party..

i absolutely love new reality-show with t.A.T.u.
they are amazing
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[March 11th, 2006]
Hello, my diary for friends only, so comment to be added.
and write me please..........
your name
your town
your birthday
your photo(only if you have)

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